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Questions to ask when installing a home standby generator:

  • Does the price include all necessary materials, and generator base?
  • Does the installer include electrical permit and inspections?
  • Does the installer include engineering survey of the existing gas usage and coordination with the Washington Gas Company? Does the installer know if there is enough gas pressure and volume and size of pipe from the main in the street?
  • Does the generator installer know how and why you need a split gas meter, to provide adequate gas BTU for the generator?
  • Do you know that if there is a lack of pressure, volume, or pipe size the cost to up grade this gas pressure could run $5,000.00 to $20,000.00 in gas company charges? Does your installer know how to assure that you will not have this problem?
  • Does the generator installer have Electrical Master Electrician and State and Local Electrical Licenses as required by law?
  • Does the generator installer have Workman’s Compensation and General Liability Insurances? This is required by law.
  • Can the installer have factory trained and licensed technicians
  • Does your installer have parts in stock and can they repair your generator if it should break?